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Split System Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs Penrith, Sydney

No matter how harsh the temperatures outside, you can stay comfortable in your home or office if you have the right air conditioning system. To install the right system based on your air conditioning needs and to keep your air conditioner well-serviced and maintained, you need a trusted service provider. This is exactly where Amped Up Solutions comes into the picture!Split air conditioning systemsIf we compare split air conditioner to ducted systems, the most important difference would be the need to control the temperature in individual rooms. This does not go down well with central heating and cooling systems, which is what ducted systems are all about. Whether we are talking about home or office, split systems are preferred for their compactness, and the ability to cool or heat smaller spaces. They look good, they can fit well in any décor and you can control air conditioning in all rooms separately. Split systems are also less expensive when looking at the installation part. So, if you’re planning to invest in split AC you need to decide if you require central control or individual control.Why Amped Up Solutions? Be it any brand of air conditioners, we have the required expertise to install them as well as take up repairing or maintenance on a regular basis. You can also hire us for a one-off job if not on a regular basis. If there is any emergency related to air conditioning systems at home or office, we are just a phone call away.Other reasons to hire us:
  • We operate 24/7, which means we can take your call and address your needs at any hour of the day. Facing an after-hours breakdown? No problem! We can take care of it.
  • We offer transparent quotes, free of cost and obligation so you have no hidden costs to deal with.
  • We have a team of trained, skilled and experienced technicians working with us.
For any repair/service related requirement you have, simply let us know and we’ll come up with the right solution for you at the fastest possible turnaround time.