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Residential Electrical

Planning to move into your new home? Or, maybe renovate? In that case, you will definitely need the expert assistance of residential electrical solutions offered by Amped Up. Electrical fittings, installations, repairs and data points – whatever you need, our team of technicians, with years of experience, are ready to serve you.

Electrical solutions for contemporary and classic decor

Modern electrical installations should follow the kind of décor you have. If it’s more steel and glass, then the fittings will be more functional, with least possible clutter. On the other hand, if you have a thing for classic décor with more wood then the fittings will accentuate these and will be more decorative, with lots of warmth and character. At Amped Up, we have the working knowledge and experience to help you plan a perfect electrical fitting that will merge well with the ambiance.

Our process is simple and transparent. Expert guidance is given before you get a free quote. If you have a particular design in mind, please feel to share it with us. We will find the best way to tailor to your needs.

Electrical solutions for all your rooms

If we’re talking about the bedroom, then the installations will be different from that in your kitchen. While the former requires a softer tone and feel, the latter calls for bright lights at the correct positions. Amped Up Air Conditioning can offer you not just technical assistance but also consultation about the suitability of electrical fittings, keeping in mind your budget, of course!

We are a contractor you can rely on

Our trained technicians don’t just promise, but they complete their job as assigned within the time frame agreed upon.

Worried about hidden costs? We maintain a strict transparency policy and adhere to what is agreed upon in the contract.

We will carry out the work causing the least disturbance or interference to your regular schedule. The time taken will vary according to the nature of the work. For instance, a single repair or installation will take lesser time than a renovation for the entire house.

So if you’re looking for an electrical solutions provider in the Sydney CBD or Greater Western area, Amped Up Solutions is here to give you what you need. Call us now!

Amped Up Solutions is a young and vibrant company utilising the latest and greatest technology to offer our customers superior solutions.


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  •    (02) 4789 2268
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