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Ducted Air Conditioning Services

Amped Up Solutions are a leading supplier of ducted air conditioning systems. We can also provide you with well-rounded servicing and maintenance solutions. No matter the size of your space, or your specific requirements, we will give you all the information you need when deciding which ducted air conditioned system is right for you.Since we believe in complete transparency in our dealings, right from the beginning, we make sure to leave absolutely no scope for any discrepancies.When do you need ducted air conditioning system? Do you need a complete temperature controlled environment for your home or workplace? Ducted air conditioning is what you need if central heating and cooling are paramount to your requirements. Discreet air conditioning and visually more appealing than split systems – ducted air conditioners are usually preferred if you don’t wish for the system to ruin a particular aesthetic look. In a ducted system, conditioned air is distributed throughout the space with the help of vents. Better yet, you can also control the temperature between different areas and zones, even at different times.Amped Up Solutions offer quality ducted air conditionersWith Amped Up Solutions, you can be assured that we don’t compromise on the quality of the air conditioning system being installed. We offer a wide range of units to suit all needs. They are ideal for larger homes and offices and perfect for families that need to control multiple temperatures in multiple rooms.When dealing with the tough Australian climate, you need a system built to combat the heat.Office or Home – We Do Both! Energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and effective services – this is what we aim at providing to our valued clients around Sydney CBD and Greater Western areas. If you are looking for air conditioning for your office then our solutions will be different from what we will offer for your home.Depending on the area to be covered and the temperature control requirements, we align our services accordingly to ensure perfect installation of your ducted system. Already have a ducted air conditioning system in place and need a reliable contractor to take care of repair and maintenance? No problem, you can count on us for quality and long-term service benefits. We have trained technicians in our team who can take care of installations, repair, and maintenance of ducted air conditioning systems.It doesn’t matter whether the job is big or small — we carry out all our services with equal dedication and effort.Amped Up Solutions is where all your air conditioning needs can be met under one roof. Get in touch with us for an obligation free quote today!